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Destination Happiness

Music artist manager Michael Stangel, refused to accept his terminal diagnosis. When given 3 months to live he decided to make plans as if he were going to live another 50 years. With a rare form of cancer called Myxoma, tutors can pop up randomly anywhere in his body. Listen to Michael's inspiring story of his miraculous recovery here.

Destination Happiness is a health & wellbeing show aired nationally on the Nine Network and internationally on the Discovery Network and MyZEN TV. Our host Angie Hilton created the show after struggling with mental health challenges in her twenties. Our bespoke production company works tirelessly to spread positive messages into the media by a with a strong emphasis on mental health. We like to feature uplifting stories of resilience that aim to inspire others to rise above their own challenges. Our show also draws on the field of positive psychology to provide tools for viewers to enhance their own life circumstances. We have a strong loyal following of people who are passionate about wellbeing and happiness. We’d love you to subscribe to our YouTube channel to help spread optimistic messages far and wide.

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