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Come on Over #1 on itunes

Season 2 Team Joel rocker Michael Stangel returned with his band to deliver an exclusive performance.

It was so exciting performing my single "Come on over."

on national TV for season 3 of The Voice. The song reached Number one on The Australian digital Blues charts after this performance. My throw-together band was terrific; we performed live after one run-through in the green room. Robbie Ragg on keys and the legendary Jack Housden on guitar. One-third of one of my favorite bands, "The Bad Loves."

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Congratulations on the success of your single "Come on Over"! Reaching number one on the Australian digital Blues charts is a fantastic achievement. Performing on national TV for season 3 of The Voice must have been an incredible experience as well. For more effective promotion of your single, I recommend using itunes promotion

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